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What a wonderful day !!! We went on the WDS last sunday in Salzburg, Berry competed in Champion class, we all knew what a big and strong concurrency it would have been in the ring, 38 champions from allover the world !!! Can you imagine my feeling? I am a beginner, so my expectation was just an excellent, but deep in my heart I knew Berry could make it, because he is really an amazing dog, POWERFUL but ELEGANT, with an harmonic ground covering gate and a very sound conformation, and a beautiful beautiful head.

The judge was one of the best: Hans Muller (CH) and I must say, he really noticed my dog from the very beginning, so we went trough the first cut, then the second, and then he left 4 dogs…. I was happy anyway, and I would have gone home happy with a 4th. place, HEY IT’S A WORLD DOG SHOW !!! But Berry had his 5 minutes of glory, and the judge looked at me and raised his finger…. FIRST PLACE !!!!!! OH GOD, WHAT A MOMENT !!!! THANKS to everybody for your tears with me, for your hugs, for your support, in the world of showing dogs you can really find true friends, who compete against you, but who can also be happy for you when you win, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE !!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!!

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