Unbelievable !! Last week-end we joined the competitions of the “Mediterranean week” which means three different shows taking place in Montecarlo, Sanremo and Nice.

Berry joined the champion class, and every day was judged by a different judge (from Italy, UK and France) and EVERY DAY he was rated excellent and took the first place OF THE CHAMPION CLASS !!!

I am very proud of him, especially because the best result was on sunday in Sanremo, when the judge was Brenda Banbury, famous Cruft BIS and GROUP judge, who choose him as BEST MALE of the breed !!!

Little Dakota made her debut in junior class, I was a little concerned because on the last show she barked in the ring (I guess she was tired of showing so often) so we did not show her for two months, but we took long walks in the city around a lot of people, we joined ring training, and she was sometime with me in the office, also surrounded by different people, so on the day of the show I knew she was ready and SHE DID GREAT, she was rated excellent and placed 1. on the first day, then 2.

We still need to work on the bite examination, but she is 9 months old, I know she will learn to tolerate it.

So, we are just happy and proud of this great results !!!!


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