Dear puppy buyer,
Thank you very much for your interest, I like that you have experience with dogs, anyway rhodesian ridgebacks are a very particular breed, you should be aware of their stubbornness and of their size. A muscular male has a huge physical strenght so it is mandatory that the dog is well trained and socialized, otherwise he can be trouble.
We put a lot of effort in socializing our puppies, anyway most of the work should be done by you once the puppy comes to live with you. 
Ridgebacks demand consistency, discipline (but never harsh treatement) and regular exercise (starting with 12-15 months) 
Ridgebacks are very attached to their humans, and cannot be left many hours alone, since they are very intelligent and get 
bored, eventually they become destructive and could do some damage to the house or the garden. 
Ridgebacks can be territorial and since they love their human family more then themselves, they are ready to die for you or for your child, if they feel you are in danger. On the other side, they should be well socialized to accept strangers, because they are naturally aloof and distrustful of strangers, and you don’t want them to be protective all the time. 
Ridgebacks are, despite their size and look, a very sensitive breed, if you treat them as a partner they will dedicate their life to you, if you treat them harsh, they don’t cooperate any more, they just shut down and refuse to work. You need to know that when you work with a ridgeback, they give the best of themselves with positive reinforcement techniques of training.
Sorry if I am bothering you with all this informations, maybe you already know all that, but I don’t know you, and I need to be sure that you are aware of the peculiarities of this unique wonderful breed.
To own a ridgeback is a life changing experience, and as a breeder I want to be sure that my puppies are going to live with the right people, who are ready to this committment.
I demand from you as future owner of my puppy  that you get me informed about his progress in life, that you send me pictures of the dog as he developes, that you share with me your  problems, I will be always there for you to help with my advise, my goal is not “to sell a puppy” but to help improving the breed and my biggest satisfaction is to stay in touch with puppy owners and see how happy they are with my dogs.
After opening my heart to you by telling you all that, if you feel the ridgeback is the right breed for you, and if you think I am the right breeder for you, I will be pleased to add you in my puppy list.