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(Int ,BISS & Mch Macumazahn Qwandoyas Top Gun “Maverick” x Jch RSM, CH SLO Shujaa Rafiki Alioth Adhara “Lana” )

From our Cine movies litter we decided to keep lovely Miss Sunny. Her full name is SHUJAA RAFIKI CATCH ME IF YOU CAN (nickname, Sophie )

D.O.B.  24.09.2017

Sire Int ,BISS & Mch Macumazahn Qwandoyas Top Gun “Maverick”

Dam: Jch RSM, CH SLO Shujaa Rafiki Alioth Adhara “Lana”

Pedigree: HR ______RR

Microchip: 191100000944488

Breeder: Branimir Gotovina

Owner: Francesca Gotovina & Branimir Gotovina

Handler: Francesca Gotovina

HEIGHT: ______ cm,

WEIGHT:  ______kg,

COLOR:  wheaten, black nose,  dark eye,  white mark on the chest


HD ________

ED __________

OCD _________

LTV ____________

SPONDYLOSiS ______________

LIVER GENE: B/B (from parentage not carrier)

D locus   D/D    (from parentage not carrier)

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy)  genotype N/N    (from parentage not carrier)

haemophilia B (factor IX)-  non carrier    (from parentage)

EOAD: high confidence CLEAR

JME: clear (by parentage)

BREEDING LICENCE: ________________________________