557132_10200296198474157_1581209784_nI am Francesca and I am an  architect, together with my husband Branimir who is a musician,  I share my love for dogs from the moment I was born.

Since we know about ourselves me and my husband always had dogs around, in our childhood mostly mixed breed, then when we married we got our first family dog, a german shepherd named Rex. He was a purebred dog but without pedigree, actually a family pet, and we loved him and will never forget him. He was a wonderful dog, beautiful and loving. When he got sick and we had to put him down at the age of 10 years, it was terrible, we decided not to have a dog ever again, because it was too painful for us and our children to let him go that way…. One year passed by and life without a four legged friend was not fulfilled,  we decided it was time for us to find another companion…

We did not think at all about showing, but after that experience we wanted a healthy breed from a reputable breeder. A friend told us about the rhodesian ridgeback, so we started to inform ourselves about this unique breed and obviously we felt in love with the breed almost immediately ! Berry came into our life  from a small town in Croatia. His breeder Lela Trešćec told us he was from very nice bloodlines and it would have been a pity not showing him, so we started the adventure of showing. One year later, his great success in the show ring made us think seriously about giving him company, and eventually thinking about breeding from him, so we searched in the whole Europe the perfect combination for him, in bloodlines and  in conformation. Dakota came from Latvia, her breeder is Ieva Kušnere. She was an adorable puppy, she is now a beautiful young bitch, also starting a successful  show career.  If you are interested in our journey, be welcome ! This is our blog.


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