Dakota and Berry will have one more litter together, it is a repetition, actually the third time they mate, but there are very good reasons for that. First of all, they have produced some outstanding representatives of the breed, both in conformation and temperament, we have some champions from the first litter and future champions are on their way from the second litter, among their puppies there were truly stunning dogs, everything I wanted to achieve in breeding was there, before my eyes, but I let them go… I let them all go… So the second reason why I agreed with my husband on this third litter with the same parents is that this time the best puppy stays in our kennel. I hope we will achieve the same high quality we got sofar. Wish me luck…


Lana’s first litter is planned in summer/autumn 2017

The sire of this litter will be Macumazahn Qwandoyas Top Gun “Maverick”. He is not only an outstanding representative of the breed, of moderate size, with strong bones and a lovely head, perfect built and angulated front/rear, with a nice neck and dark eyes, he is also very healthy.


Maverick comes from excellent australian lines which I admire, his parents are outstanding ridgebacks and very healthy dogs.

His sire is CH.Shakuru Do U C What I C


His mom is BISS, RUBISS Macumazahn First Edition






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