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Last weekend we were in Italy near Vicenza to take part to the italian Clubshow.

It was a really nice weekend in a fabulous place: Villa MArzotto in Trissino (actually the same place from last year)

The show had 69 entries, and Berry joined the open class (just to explain how it works:  in Italy you cannot get a CAC in champion class,  and the class winner of the open class competes against the intermediate class winner because there will be just one CAC for a male and one CAC for a female in the whole show, these are the Italian regulations, and to close the Italian beauty championship you need 6 CACs, at least 2 from an international show, 2 from a Clubshow and 2 can be of a national show, you understand how difficult it is to get the 2 CACs from the clubshow, with so many other beautiful dogs, and the possibility for only one dog to get it…. )

This time we got lucky ! The judge Mr. F. Arniella from Puerto Rico liked Berry so much, he told me he is an overall balanced dog, with a beautiful head and ridge, excellent angulated with a beautiful front and a strong rear, he said he was pleased to have him in the ring ! Guess what: he won the open class (out od 10 other males) and then again he won the CAC against the intermediate class winner, so Berry is now very close to finish his title (we already have 5 CACs, 2 from the Cluzbshows and 3 from International show) .

He did fantastic, and I am very proud of him!!

After the show we joined all the other participants for a social dinner in the Villa, we had a great time with very nice people and friends.

This time Dakota stayed home, she has false pregnancy.

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