It was a long weekend.

I had to fly ti Riga, in Latvia, where mom Biruta with his doughter Ieva waited for me at the airport.

It was beautiful to meet them and to spent some time with them, they are very nice people, but the most beautiful thing was my little love, the lovely baltic princess Dakota, our puppy girl, she was waiting for me in the apartment, with her brothers and sisters and of course with her beautiful mom Moka.

We spent some time together with all the puppies, and in the night she stayed at the hotel with me, so we bond immediately, than we returned home the next day, flying back to Vienna, than traveling by train to Zagreb, where my husband and Berry where waiting for us. She was very brave and calm all the way, I am proud of her !!! But as soon as we arrived home, she and Berry where so happy to meet each other than they could not stop playing together, so the played all night long !!!! In the morning they were so tired that they felt asleep together near to our bed, so cute….

I want to thank my breeder Biruta Velmere and her beautiful daughter Ieva, who were so nice with me, and first of all they CHOSE me, so I could take little Dakota with me.

I also want to thank Snezka, Cubo’s owner, Cubo is the awesome dad of my puppy, and she was also there for me, she helped to contact Biruta and Ieva, and all these wonderful women made my dream come true !! THANK YOU ALL !!!

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