Last weekend we competed in Koper (SLO), again in intermedia class.

In the ring very nice RR, but Berry performed at his best, stacked looked great, his gate was so elegant, everybody told me how fantastic he did, even the judge on sunday congratulated for the nice presentation, I am really very proud of him, I knew he had it inside, and it was only my task to get it out from him.

We had a great time in the ring, my boy enjoyed every second with me, and the same was for me. As the judge put us first, Berry knew before me, he started jumping on me, smiling and shaking his tail of happiness !!!! He feels it, we are so connected in the ring, that we read each other without words.

This weekend was for us one of the best performance ever, I hope we will continue enjoying showing like this…

THANK YOU BERRY, for being such a wonderful companion !


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