Our puppies from the Be my (favourite song) litter are 7 months old, they are developing nicely and look gorgeous ! We are very proud of them !!!

Kuba and Aron just graduated puppy school !!! Good boys !!

Here some new pictures:

Shujaa Rafiki Best Life at Akiliridge “Tara” lives in Quebec, Canada LADY BLACK

Shujaa Rafiki Because the Night “Rafi” lives in Austria MR. BLUE NAVY

Shujaa Rafiki Beautiful Day “Kuba” lives in Belgium with his half brother Milo (Berry’s son from Berry x Zara’s litter) he just graduated puppy school with the best score !!!


Shujaa Rafiki Be My Neverendig Story “Kana” lives in Slovenia LADY RED

Shujaa Rafiki Battle For the Sun “Tano playing with his sister Kana, they both live in Slovenia MR. LIGHT BLUE (& LADY RED)

Shujaa Rafiki Before you Accuse Me “Lex” lives in Croatia MR. PEA

Shujaa Rafiki Bring Me The Disco King “Aron” lives in Slovenia, and he also successfully graduated puppy school !!! MR. GREY

Shujaa Rafiki Bird’s Lament “Louie”lives in Croatia MR. INDIGO

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