We agreed to some interesting breeding programs this year in Europe,  Berry will have 3 exclusive litters, one in Croatia, his homeland, one in Italy, my homeland, and one in Germany, the land that I always carry in my heart since it is the land where I met and married my husband.

There is also the possibility that we will send some frozen semen overseas, but I told you already too much, if you want to know more, stay tuned

More news coming soon……..


2 years 3.jpg

GREAT NEWS in our kennel !!!!

This sunday we entered the interntional show in Lendava, Slovenia, Shujaa Rafiki Alioth Adhara “Lana” entered the open class and under judge Biagiolo from Italy she got excellent. 1. CAC , RCACIB !!! So she now fulfilled the condition for the title SLOVENIAN CHAMPION !!

We are very happy and proud of this crazy little girl !!

Her half brother Bitte Nus maisha Chaki in Denmark (litter Berry x Zari) was also both days class winner (intermediate class) one day with CK, and BM.3 and yesterday he got res CK and RCACIB !!!

We are very proud of him !!



We have something to be proud of this week end ! Littermates from our Astro litter rocked the ring in Italy at 2 different shows.

RRCI clubshow Treviso, under Judge M. Poggesi,
Shujaa Rafiki Azha Atrejus, “Shout” (Berry x Dakota) open class,
exc. 1 CAC, BOB !!! So he is now also Best in Specialty Show (BISS) ch. !!!!
NDS Salice Terme (I) under judge C.Montefusco,
Shujaa Rafiki Auriga Nina , (Berry x Dakota) open class exc. 1 CAC !!!
We are over the moon !!!!! Congratulations to the happy owners !!!!

We are having visits from Austria, one of our puppies is here with his owners, and is spending time with us, he looks wonderful and is developing very nice !!!

More details and action pictures coming soon…



It has come to my attention that the owners of an INCORRECT PUPPY from our Astro litter (SHUJAA RAFIKI ACAMAR) which is multicrown and DS operated, are USING HIM IN BREEDING and this male has sired already 2 litters ! Since this dog was rehomed (the family I had found for him due to family problems couldn’t keep him) I have difficulties on stopping this people from doing it. They are located in Zadar. i warn you, do not purchase a puppy from them, this male is pet quality and should not have any litter, expecially because he was DS operated and as you know DS can be transmitted to the offspring.