It has come to my attention that the owners of an INCORRECT PUPPY from our Astro litter (SHUJAA RAFIKI ACAMAR) which is multicrown and DS operated, are USING HIM IN BREEDING and this male has sired already 2 litters ! Since this dog was rehomed (the family I had found for him due to family problems couldn’t keep him) I have difficulties on stopping this people from doing it. They are located in Zadar. i warn you, do not purchase a puppy from them, this male is pet quality and should not have any litter, expecially because he was DS operated and as you know DS can be transmitted to the offspring.



2 responses to “I WARN YOU !!

  1. Mrs. Gotovina,

    kindly please ALLOW commenting on your post on your FB account, for others NOT JUST YOUR FRIENDS.
    I’m the one who is being called out by your post, so I’d like to reply as quickly and directly.
    YOU have chosen this way of communication so, please let me REPLY.
    I’m sure, if you stand behind the pronounced words, it will not be a problem.

    Since you refer to the “honesty” (in your post), I hope that you will comply with my request.
    If you do not, you force me to use all the benefits of the Internet and social networks to say my comment on your post.


    Gospodjo Gotovina,

    lijepo Vas molim DOZVOLITE komentiranje Vaseg posta na Vasem FB racunu, i drugima a NE SAMO VASIM PRIJATELJIMA.
    Ja sam taj koji je prozvan Vasim postom pa bih volio sto brze i direktnije komentirati.
    VI ste odabrali ste ovakav nacin komuniciranja pa molim, dozvolite da se i ja ukljucim.
    Siguran sam, ako stojite iza izrecenih rijeci, da Vam to nece predstavljati problem.

    Buduci se pozivate na “POSTENJE” nadam se da cete udovoljiti mojoj zamolbi.
    Ako to ne napravite, prisiljavate me koristiti sve pogodnosti interneta i drustvenih mreza kako bih rekao svoj komentar na Vas post.


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