Last weekend we went to Klagenfurt, Austria, to the double int. show. Both days Berry entered the champion class, Dakota the intermediate.

We had a nice enter of 6 males in ch. class (2 were absent) and 4 females in intermediate class. these are our results:

day 1. Berry exc.2 RCACA, RCACIB, Dakota exc, 1 CACA, RCACIB, NEW austrian ch. candidate

day 2 Berry exc, 1 CACA, CACIB, BEST MALE, BOS, NEW AUSTRIAN CHAMPION, Dakota exc. 1 CACA, CACIB, BOB, BOG 3 !!!

We are so happy and proud of our dogs, they did so well, and what can I say about the great performance of our little baltic princess… she is born to show, she enjoys the competition and she is an excellent mover, what a nice time we had !!

I must say I am particularly happy that we met many RR friends, they showed us true sportmanship and we all enjoyed the competition.

It was nice to meet Nina and Robert again,  and of course Berry’s son Diego, who came to say hallo. He is developing very nicely !

We are looking forward to the next show !!!
sl 1

dakota BOB 3

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