We went this year to the World Dog Show in Hungary, after Berry won the champion class last year in Salzburg over 38 champion males, we decided it was worthy to go and try again. We entered also the World gundogshow the day before the WDS, the judge was Monika Tusanova from SLovakia.

Berry in ch. class got an excellent without placement, Dakota in intermediate class got exc. 1 CAC.

Next day it was the big day… we got up early, to get a nice place near ringside, because we had to follow both rings (males and females).

Dakota was again in intermediate class, so she was THE VERY FIRST ridgeback to enter the ring (youngsters and veterans were in a third ring).

The judge for the females was Erdos Laszlo, and I did not know what to expect: normally I wait ringside and watch the judge working, so when it is my turn I am prepared. Well, this time I couldn’t’ prepare myself, but I was confident that my girl was ready, and she was !

Everything went fine and after the judge examination Dakota moved around the ring with such drive and elegance that I really hoped the judge noticed her… and he did !! On the final cut he did not even look any more at her, so I thought… she will be the last…. or the first… When he started to pic the bitches from the last back to the first, my heart missed a bit… Dakota was not last… she was not picked till the end… she was FIRST !!

Again this mind blowing feeling… being first in class at the World Dog Show….and this time with Dakota !

After that I had to enter the male ring with Berry, in champion class judged by Christian Jouanchicot from France. Many famous champions, many nice dogs, Berry presented himself very nice, but we were not picked by the judge this time, anyway he was rated excellent. I went back to my girl to prepare for the most important competition: the title of World Winner.

When the time came, we entered the ring, together with the winning bitches from champion and open class. Dakota really was in perfect condition, and presented herself absolutely perfectly, but the judge gave the CACIB to the champion bitch, a very nice and famous one. It was not the end, after the rCAC bitch from open class joined the ring, we moved around again for the RCACIB which means vice World Winner title…. Dakota really flied around with elegance and self confidence, and this time the judge could not ignore her, SHE WON !!!! So at the age of 22 months, competing from the intermediate class, my lovely baltic princess is now vice WORLD WINNER 2013 !!!

On the way home i picked up my copy of the magazine “the european ridgeback” and I found out that Berry was awarded 2. BEST ADULT MALE in the european TOP DOG competition, based on the succes obtained on the past show season, this reminds me of his qualities as a show dog .What a nice surprise !!!!

We came back from Budapest really satisfied: these two amazing dogs will mate for the first time in autumn, I really hope to have a nice healthy and beautiful litter from them !!!



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