Laste minute news !

Berry competed in champion class at the CACIB ZAGREB. He actually already is croatian champion, but we went to the competition for presenting Dakota so we let him do the show too, and guess what…. HE WON !!

It was a strong champion class (so said the judge, Wieslava Misterka.Kluska (PL)  and at the age of 20 months he was the youngest in the showring, he got EXC 1. CAC and RCACIB, we are absolutely proud of him !

Dakota gave her best too ! At the age of 4 months she joined the baby class, and was rated very perspective, 1 best baby !

She performed fantastic, stood perfectly, moved nicely, the judge gave her an excellent for the behavior in her report, SHE IS NOT A PRINCESS; SHE IS ALREADYour QUEEN !!!

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