Last weekend we took part to the international show in Vrtojba/Šempeter (Slovenia). Berry competed for the first time in CHAMPION CLASS, and I was very exited about that, because he is still very young (not jet 20 months !)

It turned out that I had no reason to be worried, because he did it again:  HE WON BOTH DAYS !!!!

-SATURDAY he performed at his best, I was absolutely proud of him, he stand perfectly, he moved proudly and powerfully, the judge Dorota Witkowska (PL) gave him an EXCELLENT 1.  with CAC, CACIB and BOB !!!

In the afternoon we competed in the group, the judge was Robin Searle (UK) and Berry performed also very well, we got it to the podium, with a nice 3th place.

-SUNDAY judge Robin Searle (UK) was judging the breed competition, he also gave him an EXCELLENT 1. with CAC , but he honestly said he prefers small size ridgebacks, and my boy is powerful and full of muscles,  not his type I am afraid, but Berry got a very nice report, and we are absolutely happy with this results !

Unfortunately for closing the slovenian championship we must wait one year, so the 4 CAC we already got, cannot be validable for the champion title. We also got our 3 rd. CACIB validable for the international title.

On Saturday little Dakota joined the baby class  with my daughter Andrea, it was the very first time for both of them, and they did very well !

Dakota was rated “very perspective” 1. best baby, she also got a very nice report !

I want to thank our friends for the support and all the judges !

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