Lana is surprising us every day more and more….Since yesterday she is helping her mom Dakota in breast-feeding the puppies. Nobody told her to do so, she just allowed Dakota’s puppies to come and do what they want.

I was concerned that Dakota could have something against that or being gelous of her own puppies but…. nope !

Both girls are getting along with each other very well they collaborate, they share responsability and they are giving the best imprinting to this puppies which will tremendously help them in their future life.

Some shots from yesterday, when Lana, sitting on my lap, decided she was going to feed Dakota’s puppies, and shots from today in the garden, also a short video of the 2 litters sharing the meal quiet and peacefully.

We are truly blessed !!!


Lana Yesterday sitting on my lap, nursing Dakota’ puppies



Of all the possible places, Lana decided to dig a hole in this spot and sit to feed Dakota’s puppies. Dakota came to give her support, licking her own puppies which are at Lana’s milkbar….


A video from todays’s meal, both litters sharing food

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