With great pleasure we announce that after almost 2 years without puppies we are now blessed with 2 pregnant bitches !! Both Lana and Dakota are pregnant !!!

Dakota is 6 years old, this is her third and very last litter, the sire is her life companion and our stud Mch Berry Neomele, her belly is growing fast since their puppies are expected by middle september (in 2 weeks !!!!) They already have produced excellent puppies and some champions on both sides of the world, so we hope to get the same quality in their last litter.

Lana is 3 and a half years old, this is her very first litter, for her we chose awesome Maverick (Mch Macumazahn Qwandoyas Top Gun, and thank you Hanka Pankova and Petra Fedorová for your kindness and for letting me use your gorgeous boy !!! ) he sired the new European Junior female champion (and best Junior). They are both very healhy, very friendly, similar in head type and medium sized. Lana should deliver by the end of september. More informations and pictures soon online and on our HP . Stay tuned !!!


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