I am incredibly happy and my heart is full of joy: Tara is finally home, she landed safe in Montreal after a long flight, they had a stop in Amsterdam were she was fed and got to drink, she was good taken care of and arrived in a dry crate. Thanks to Everybody who helped me and Sarah LeBrun to make this journey confortable for this amazing little girl, expecially the TAXI4PETS company and Pavel Šrotyr who drove her to the airport to Prague and took care of her as she was his own.

She has such a lovely nature, she was kind to Everybody and never afraid 😊 enjoy you new life my dear !!!

Pictures from the journey from Zadar to Prague, she was treated like a princess with kindness and humanity, as every puppy should be treated , she slept in Pavel’s house right next to him…. thank you for all this ….

Pictures at the airport as she landed in Montreal with her new owner, it was love at first sight, Tara licked Sarah all over her face….she ate at the airport not bothered by the planes departing and the tremendous noise over her head……..


Tara in her new home, she has company and feels good…….

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