So, this is the final evaluation of our puppies, 2 more days all together and then our puppies will leave us to go to their new families. Some of them are going overseas, so they will stay longer with us since we want them to be strong for the flight, 2 males are still available, if you are interested feel free to contact us.

those are their registered names and their destinations:

1-Mr. Indigo: SHUJAA RAFIKI BIRD’S LAMENT .stays in Croatia-Dubrovnik-standard

2-Mr. Blue Navy: SHUJAA RAFIKI BECAUSE THE NIGHT still available !!-standard

blue navy stack

3-Mr. Ivory: SHUJAA RAFIKI BORN TO BE WILD stays in Croatia, Kutina.pet (offset)

4-Mr. Grey: SHUJAA RAFIKI BRING ME THE DISKO KING export Slovenia pet (3 crowns + kink)

5-Mr. Light Blue: SHUJAA RAFIKI BATTLE FOR THE SUN export Slovenia standard

6-Mr. Pea: SHUJAA RAFIKI BEFORE YOU ACCUSE ME still available !! standard (slighly offset crowns)

pea stack

7-Mr. Brown: SHUJAA RAFIKI BEAUTIFUL DAY export Belgium-standard

8-Lady Red: SHUJAA RAFIKI BE MY NEVERENDING STORY export USA or Slovenia?-pet? (hidden half crown?)

9-Lady Black: SHUJAA RAFIKI BEST LIFE AT AKILIRIDGE export Canada-standard

10-Lady Peach: SHUJAA RAFIKI BABOOSHKA export Mexico-standard

11-Lady Yellow: SHUJAA RAFIKI BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S export Austria-standard


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