We are finally back after almost a week in Italy.

We entered the World Dog Show in Milan with all the dogs, at the end we left Lana at home, since she needs more ring training to compete at such huge competition (then again…. I saw lots of bad handling in the showring, but this is another story…) So, Berry entered the champion class, since he already is italian champion, Dakota competed in open class. Both dogs were rated excellent on both days, and Berry placed 3.rd on the World Specialty Show, confirming once more what a splendid representative of the breed he is.

I am very proud of my dogs, they behaved perfectly in the ring and outside.

Congratulations to all the winners !

Dedicated to my Berry, some random pictures taken in my parent’s garden during our stay in Italy

june 2015 june 2015 f june 2015 c 5 years, italy june 2015 june 2015 B IMG_7737    june 2015 dIMG_7643

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