Lovely Dakota, my princess, this motherhood gave a fully new sense to her life, she is enjoying every day and every moment with her puppies, never a growl, never a sign of intollerance, she kisses them and takes care of them, and wants to play with them all the time..She is very tender in her way to discipline them when they cross the line and plays too wild, mostly using her muzzle to push them forward, in a very gentle way…..She even shares her own food with them, when she finishes her food, she comes to me and sits by my side asking for more food from the table, and if she gets some, she immediately carries it to her puppies, so they can eat…. and if all this is not enough, she is still willing to feed them gving her own milk every day…. we are talking of 13 puppies almost 8 weeks old… Here is a pictures taken a few days ago, and a picture taken this morning…I am absolutely astonished, and happy, and proud…. even more than ever, she is my supergirl..<3

20140327_083219 (1)20140313_125426

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