fotografija (8) unnamedunnamedThe moment of true has come !

Two evenings ago I let Berry and Dakota out for the usual last round in the garden, and to my big surprise she decided it was the right moment  !! Everything happened absolutely spontaneously and naturally. I just assisted after they were locked to ensure none of them get hurt. My husband did not see me coming back, and he reached me……surprise surprise !! I was  sitting on the ground holding the dogs …..hihi… but the funniest thing was when my neighbour came out from his house and looked at me sitting there…. I just told him ” no comment, please…”

The day after we thougt maybe we should let Berry rest, but he was faster then our thougts…. they did it again ! So we have till now 2 successfully matings, and now Berry is resting at work with me…

fotografija (7) fotografija

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