4 NIGHT SUMMER SHOW SPLIT (HR) our girl vWW, Ch.HU, JBISS Dakota Cubo Moka (Mch.Myollnir Kyala x Mch Naitingeila Moka Farastero Sinbest) at the age of 2 years, made her debut in champion class, and this is the result:

1.day, nat show, judge Paul Stanton (S) exc.1 CAC
2.day, int, show, judge Arne Foss (N) exc.1 CAC, CACIB, BOS
3.day, nat show, judge Jochen Eberhardt (DE) exc.1. CAC, BOS

yesterday she got the last CAC valid for the HR championship, so she is now NEW CROATIAN CHAMPION !!! We are incredibly happy and proud of her, she is still so young, and yet has 7 CACIB in 4 different Countries, and 17 CAC in 5 different Countries, was 8x BOS and 3x BOB, with 2 BOG placements, and sweetest of all, she is vice World Winner 2013 !!

I am particulary happy that the judge noticed her show attitude, the last evening he even wrote in the report that she enjoys showing and being in the show ring !! It is true, she really is competitive, loves to show herself and like her famous mother can taste victory !!!
Thanks to the judges, and to our RR friends !

SPLIT 2013

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