iha grazSaturday we went to Austria to take part to the international dog show in Graz.

We had a great time with all our RR friends, but most of all we got a wonderful surprise ! Nina came to visit us with her nephew and with one of the puppies new owner !! It was a big emotion for us, but it will be even bigger the next time, when some of the puppies will be competing in baby class in the show ring !!! I can’t wait to see them !!

The competition went very well, Berry entered the honour class, which is in Austria a special class for international champions, you don’t compete for the CACIB, just for the CAC, and Berry did great, he was rated exc. 1. and got his second CACA valid for the austrian championship (2 more for getting the title !!)

Dakota entered the intermedia class, which was very strong, with really nice females, she did a good job,  and was placed 2. with RCACA. We are very proud of her !!

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