berry BOG celje

We are back from a wonderful week-end in Celje, Slovenia, where we entered the international show on saturday and the Winhter winner international  show on sunday.

1. day croatian judge, Zlatko Kraljić

2. day italian judje, Orietta Zilli.

Both dogs were with us, Berry entered the champion class, Dakota made her debut in intermediate class.

I was very exited about all the show, we missed the Zagreb show last month because I was sick, and this week-end  I was sick again !!!!!! I had  fever and a cold, but I wanted so much to show, that I convinced my husband to go anyway….

This are our results:

Dakota got CAC and CACIB,on BOTH DAYS (and she was the youngest on the ring !!), Berry got CAC, CACIB on BOTH DAYS too !!

So once again our dogs had to run against each other for BOB !!

My husband had to enter the ring, I handled Berry,  he handled Dakota, this time Berry went BOB on both days.

But this is not all!!! We competed for Best of Group in the afternoon, saturday Berry placed 2 nd. and sunday HE WON THE GROUP !!!

SO SICK AND SO HAPPY… and without any pictures…we really showed for love, we had a great time in the show ring and with some new friends on the show, and we went home with a beautiful feeling in our hearth and with 4 new trophys….!!!

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