Last weekend we entered two international shows in two different countries:

Saturday we were in Milano (Italy) where Berry competed in open class under judge Lisbeth Mach (CH)

He did well, but the judge preferes smaller RR, Berry was rated excellent and placed

Dakota in puppy class did fantastic, she stacked herself and moved very nicely, but the judge did not like the fact that we use food as bait in the ring (I really don’t know why, everybody was doing the same….) so she was rated very perspective and placed 2.nd.

We are proud of her anyway !

On Sunday we were in Ljubljana (SLO).

Berry entered in champion class, under judge Josef Nemec (CZ) and as always he was the youngest in the ring (sometimes I forget he’s not ever 2 years old..)

I am very satisfied how we performed, he got a very nice report, and was rated excellent, placed 2. with RCAC and RCACIB.

Dakota ruled the ring, she did really good, and was rated again very perspective, 1. BEST PUPPY !!


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